"What Exactly is a Free Market?!"

Disease. Hunger. Climate Change. Across a wide range of important issues, our world is in desperate need of real progress. Our politics are dysfunctional, driven to extremes by polarization and rigged to benefit the politically connected.

Though we’ve made incredible gains as a society when it comes to civil rights, far too many people are being denied access to transformative opportunities—jobs, healthcare, affordable housing. We need to tear down what’s broken in our politics. We need to destroy the barriers that stand in the way of creating a better world.

How can we bring about this revolution in human progress and sustain it? What if the answer lies in the very thing that so many consider to be a major source of our problems: free market capitalism. What if free markets did more than fill our Amazon carts with new gadgets? What if markets destroyed privilege and poverty? What if markets improved everything?

Choose a topic to learn how markets can help us build a better world.