"What Exactly is a Free Market?!"


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About Free Markets Destroy

Free Markets Destroy celebrates the power of free markets to tackle humanity's most daunting challenges. The world isn't perfect, but it's getting better every day thanks to entrepreneurs who work tirelessly to deliver life-changing innovations. Be a part of the solution by harnessing the power of markets to improve everything.

About Washington Policy Center

Washington Policy Center is one of the nation’s leading state-based, free-market public policy research organizations. Based in Seattle with offices located throughout Washington state, Washington Policy Center is non-partisan and non-profit, and publishes studies, sponsors events and educates citizens on the vital public policy issues. Ideas supported by sound research and promoted through publications, events and the media, over time, create an environment in which policymakers and citizens make sound public policy decisions. Washington Policy Center focuses on eight key research areas: Agriculture, Education, Environment, Government Reform, Health Care, Small Business, Transportation and Worker Rights. In addition, WPC’s Young Professionals program focuses on educating, engaging and empowering the next generation of free-market leaders in Washington state.

Creative, Copywriting & Strategy

Emergent Order is a creative studio that transforms big ideas into breakthrough opportunities. We leverage media trends, technology, and close collaboration with our partners to create memorable stories on any platform. We don’t work on retainer. We don’t have a B team. And we don’t offer templated, off-the-shelf “solutions” for marketing or media. To solve our partners’ problems we design and produce custom strategies and compelling stories.

Design & Development

Gladeye is a digital innovations agency in Auckland, New Zealand and New York.


Pablo Espinosa is a Mexican illustrator living and working in Tokyo, Japan.